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Our objective  is to give you an experience which will not be forgotten, here you can find out about our latest operations and milsims. This site is dedicated to providing info for those who dare to taste the ShadowOpz Combat experience.

We generally combine Tactical Airsoft play with some military live action role-playing elements. Several goals or missions are assigned to each team as a foundation for confrontation in firefights and other simulated military-style combat.

In contrast to a standard skirmish, , we  put less emphasis on speed and more emphasis on military tactics. Our  games are usually scheduled to last between 1 and 3 hours , or can  run over an entire weekend. In more elaborate cases, games may be played overnight, so strategic elements such as setting up observation posts, sleeping quarters, maintaining perimeter security and the like are added to the experience.

Another aspect of our  games is the global desire for players to look and feel the part . Hence, our  games may have uniform or clothing requirements specific to the scenario being played.

Our games environment is awesome!
A derelict power station, 83 acres of pure Urban Assault located in South East –Sandwich Kent
The site itself hosts huge inside and outside playing areas.

Richborough power station was build in the late 50's and early 60's and from 1962 - 1971 Richborough burned over 3 million tonnes of coal, most of which came from the nearby Kent coalfields.
In our safe zone we have our own food and refreshments van and a communal area were you can relax at any time through out the day.


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